I recently got a look at the local band . A huge repertoire of classic rock tunes, heartfelt vocals, and spot-on instrumentals made for a fantastic crowd-pleasing show full of danceable music. Favorites included "Funeral for a Friend", "Black Magic Woman", and "Mary Jane's Last Dance". If you are looking for a local performance of some of the best classic rock, check out . They just may be the fairest one of all!
  -- Dave Sofge
Very good mix of classic rock, some older and some newer. Very tight band who sound like they've been together a while. True to their name, they play cover songs that are very faithful to the originals.
  -- Jim Miller (SkymillRocks)
I have been fortunate enough to see . at least 3 times now. Each time, they shattered the place with their great sound and familiar tunes from those Classic Rock days. The songs they sing bring back many wonderful memories, and the sound they have mirrors the sound of the original groups like you wouldn't believe. I highly recommend seeing this band when they come to your area, or even if they are out of your area. Worth the drive! Many of the songs are danceable numbers, so my dancing partner & I love getting out on the dance floor and swinging to the music! Great fun! The band members are also very friendly, personable and down-to-earth. I'm looking forward to the next gig and the reflections of .
  -- Sheila Jones
I love the mix of songs you all do, from Steely Dan to "SKYNRD!!!". It's amazing to have so many people in a band who can sing. You all sing well and have different timbres of voices which you use appropriately on different songs. We had a lot of fun!
  -- Susan Johnson