drummer Marc Jackson MARC JACKSON has been involved in music of some kind from the time he can remember. His first experience with instruments was in middle-school orchestra playing acoustic bass. He performed in small folk groups in school as well. The first rock band he joined was as lead singer for a band called Jubal, and later JC Rose in Orange County, California. He has performed in musical theatre and vocal groups as well. Along with drums and percussion instruments, he has taught himself to play harmonica (on which he can play a mean blues riff) and the recorder (a woodwind instrument), but his first love is and always has been the drums, which he has been playing seriously for six years now. On the East coast, he was part of a band called Gross Profit, which was comprised of department VP's from one company. Later, with his neighbor Terry Wesley, he formed the band Flashback, which later became MIRROR MIRROR. Marc says, "My passion is to keep up the high quality of the band, and meet the challenge of playing with a great group of highly talented musicians, whose focus is on playing the music we grew up with; so that you will say, 'Oh yeah! I remember that song!!' Rock on MIRROR MIRROR!!" Marc performs on a six-piece Yamaha drum set.