keyboardist Kevin Suffecool KEVIN SUFFECOOL originally started out on the drums back in 5th grade, playing everything from snare to toms to timpani until he graduated from high school. He also took piano lessons briefly, but soon gave that up when he learned he was much better at playing songs by ear than by reading music. He also found that enjoyed singing as well, and was always active vocally during high school, college, and at church. If interested, you can read about (and hear) a humerous audio project he created for his Music Appreciation class while in college. A memory that will always stick with him is forming a "band" called "Chubby and the Checkers" and winning first place, in both his high school talent show and a local mall talent show, for their stunning and over-the-top cover of Chubby Checker's "The Twist". While in college, he appeared in numerous local Broadway musicals including Guys and Dolls and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. He also has performed in (and occasionally directed) over forty Easter and Christmas cantatas and musicals.

When drummer Marc Jackson approached Kevin about joining together to form a classic rock band, he jumped on it right away. He had jammed with them before, and knew that the high level of talent amongst the members would make for a powerful band. "I have a pretty eclectic taste in music," says Kevin. "I enjoy everything from rock to gospel to jazz to classical. I've even been caught occasionally listening to country and rap. As long as it is musically pleasing to the ear, I'll give it a try. And I'm a sucker for good vocal harmonies." But it was the chance to play the songs he grew up listening to on the radio inspired him to sign up as the group's keyboard player. "Playing with MIRROR MIRROR has definately improved my keyboard and vocal skills. We play some extremely challenging cover tunes, and the bar has been set very high with this band. One of the fun things about playing in MIRROR MIRROR is that I am getting to hear and learn all these great classic rock songs that I missed out on back in the 70's and 80's. I wasn't really a big Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin fan back then, but now I'm getting to 'relive my youth' by getting to hear all these songs for the first time. Now the only problem is narrowing down which songs we decide to cover. There are just so many good songs out there to choose from." In addition to playing with the band, Kevin also creates and maintains the band's website. Kevin performs on a full 88-key Roland RS-9 synthesizer.