An original song by Kevin L. Suffecool

Although I usually play other people's songs, occasionally I write my own whenever inspiration hits me. I wrote this song back in 2005, and have been wanting to record a demo for some time. Finally, in June of 2010, I was visiting my talented musician friend Kim Taulbee, and he suggested we try to knock one out. I played the basic melody for him on the piano, and told him I wanted to go with a Hootie and the Blowfish sound (like in their song "I Only Wanna Be With You"). He then laid down multiple acoustic, electric, and bass guitar tracks over a software driven drum machine. That took about four hours to complete. Then I recorded my vocal track (pretty much in one take, because it was very late by then) plus a few closing harmonies. He then gave it a quick mix and voila! we had my demo! I've had it copyrighted, and am eagerly awaiting to hear from any popular male country singer that wishes to cover my song on their next album :)

Late breaking news!! My local country radio station, WPOC (93.1 Baltimore) actually played my song during their "Charm City Country" broadcast on July 5 and 12. They said they will keep in their regular rotation for a while. Very cool indeed! My friend Ken was able to record the broadcast of my song, and I have a link to that audio file below as well!

Listen to the original song!!

Listen to the WPOC broadcast!!

Download an MP3 of the song!!


All my life I've been walkin', searching for a place where I belong.
A place that I've dreamed about, or maybe heard of in a song.
It kind of reminds me of a timeless land from long ago.
Not sure what it looks like, but when I see it, then I'll know.
Can't tell how to find it, don't know how to get there,
So I guess I'll keep walkin', I guess I'll keep walkin'.

Out on the horizon -- can't be much further than a mile,
I see a town in the distance. Thought I'd get to rest there for a while;
But I can't seem to get there -- never getting closer though I try.
Like chasin' rainbows out of the corner of my eye.
No home for the homeless, no rest for the weary,
So I keep on walkin', I guess I'll keep walkin'.

I met a lovely lady in a town not far away from here.
Thought I'd keep on walkin', but I went and stayed there for a year;
Then she said she was leavin', never truly thought that it was real.
Said she had to keep walkin'. I said, "Baby, I know just how you feel."
There were too many memories. There were too many shadows.
So I had to keep walkin'. I had to keep walkin'.

I look in the mirror and see a man I do not recognize.
Sorta familiar, as if I'm looking through someone else's eyes.
He looks a little bit older, for time has turned his hair to gray.
He looks a little bit wiser, and that's something that time can't take away.
He looks deep inside me. He seems to be sayin'
"Oh, you gotta keep walkin'. You gotta keep walkin'"

I see a road behind me stretching back as far as I can see.
I see the road before me reaching out to hold eternity.
It's a long journey. Maybe I'll get there when I die
And I'll meet a stranger. Someone I've known for all my life.
We'll stand for a moment, there in the sunlight
And then we'll start walkin'. I guess we'll start walkin'.
I guess we'll start walkin'.
I guess we'll start walkin'.
I guess we'll start walkin'.
I guess we'll start walkin'.

Copyright 2010
Licensed under Creative Commons

Kim Taulbee laying down an electric guitar track.

Belting out the vocals at 2 in the morning.

Kim working on the final mastering.