The Story of Noah's Ark

The Story of Noah's Ark

An original poem by Kevin L. Suffecool

The company Cloud-B contacted me one day and asked if I would write them a short poem on the story of Noah's Ark for one of their upcoming products. After sending a few rough drafts back and forth, they finally decided on the following version. Enjoy!

Twilight Noah's Ark product

God looked down from heaven and it made Him very sad.
The people on the earth were mean, and most were really bad.
He said, "This world is rotten. It appears to be a dud,
And so I plan to start again by sending a great flood."

He found a good man Noah and He told him of His plan.
"You need to build a giant ark to save the race of man."
The people laughed as Noah worked. His neighbors all made fun,
But Noah kept ignoring them until the job was done.

Noah looked out from the ark and much to his surprise,
He saw a bunch of animals of every shape and size.
They all were marching to the ark -- except the birds, which flew.
All his neighbors stopped and stared at this amazing zoo.

The creatures stood outside the ark and saw the stormy weather,
But when they tried to get inside, they all got squished together.
Noah saw this mess and said, "Oh, this will never do!
This ramp can't hold you all at once, so come in two by two!"

Two small sheep ran quickly up to be the first in line.
Right behind them came two monkeys, swinging on a vine.
Next in line were two giraffes. "Be careful!" Noah said.
"You'll have to bend down very low or else you'll bump your head."

All day long, more creatures came and plodded up the stairs:
Lions, tigers, rabbits, snakes, and even grizzly bears.
Two turtles were the last in line because they crawled so slow.
Once inside, God shut the door and said "It's time to go!"

No sooner had the door been closed than it began to pour.
The neighbors saw the rain fall and they pounded on the door.
It rained so hard that water rose around the mighty boat,
And Noah cheered and praised God when the ark began to float!

For forty days and forty nights rain fell down from the sky,
But Noah and the animals stayed safe and warm inside.
For one whole year they floated in their wooden habitat
Until it finally came to rest upon Mount Ararat.

Noah sent a dove out after waiting for one week.
She came back with an olive leaf held tightly in her beak.
He sent her out a second time but she did not come back,
So Noah and the animals all started to unpack.

He said, "The day to leave the ark has finally arrived!"
They left the ark all thanking God for keeping them alive.
They saw a rainbow in the sky where one had never been.
A sign from God that He will never flood the earth again.

Copyright 2013
Licensed under Creative Commons

Amusing Footnote

A few months after Cloud-B accepted my poem, the 2014 film "Noah" was released. I saw it on opening night with some friends, and to say we were all greatly displeased is an understatement. Gadzooks, what a horrible film. In any case, as a joke, I immediately sent a new poem to Cloud-B, stating that I had just seen the film "Noah", and obviously my original poem was completely wrong. Here is the "new and improved" updated version for your reading amusement :)

Noah was a righteous man, for he abstained from meat.
Apparently what makes you good is what you choose to eat.
So God sent him a vision as he slept there in the dark.
A flood would soon destroy the earth. He had to build an ark.

But building such a large vessel was truly a great task.
He couldn't do it on his own and had no one to ask.
Noah thought they all were doomed but luckily for him
A bunch of giant rock creatures decided to pitch in.

A nearby king named Tubal-Cain soon heard the news, of course.
He brought an army, for he planned to take the ark by force.
Noah said, "I'm not alone" when threatened with attack.
Who needs God when rock creatures are there to watch your back?

The rains and flood destroyed the earth and all the wicked died
Except for sly old Tubal-Cain who somehow snuck inside.
Months went by while Tubal-Cain lay hidden in the hay.
You'd think that God would tell Noah he had a stowaway.

Ham and Shem were pretty pissed because they had no wives.
They worried they'd be single for the rest of all their lives.
But Japheth's wife gave birth to girls, and this allayed their fears.
They'd finally get some nookie, after waiting sixteen years.

Months aboard the ark made Noah crazy in the head.
He suddenly decided that the babies should be dead.
He grabbed them from the mother's arms to slay them with his knife
But then he simply changed his mind and did not take their life.

Soon all of the animals prepared to disembark
Except for those that Tubal-Cain had eaten on the ark.
At least the race of man was saved, and everything was groovy.
I wish I had my money back and hadn't seen this movie.

Copyright 2013
Licensed under Creative Commons