Lord of the Rings

Back in November, I had a brainstorm while listening to my Pastor's sermon one Sunday. Instead of "Fellowship of the Ring", I thought of "Fellowship of the King". From there, my mind started trying to put together a Christmas themed "inscription" that could be used on the Moria gate, instead of the Elvish writing of "Speak, friend, and enter." After some thought, I came up with this:

One God to create mankind,
One snake to enslave them,
One Son to come to Earth
And in His mercy save them.

I then fired up Photoshop, found a nice scan of the Moria Gate that Tolkien had done, and erased all the Elvish script. Then I added my own "inscription", moved the stars around (making one the "Star of Bethlehem"), and then added a crudely drawn Bethlehem city at the bottom. The outside and inside of the card is shown below. Click on either image to view a larger version, or you can download the full-sized versions, which are 2000x1400 pixels (at 200 dpi). I took my final JPEG images to Kinko's for double-sided printing on special greeting card stock (complete with crease), and sent them to all of my Lord of the Rings friends, just in time for the release of The Two Towers.

Outside of Card
The outside of the card


Inside of Card
The inside of the card