Kev's DVD Page
After amassing quite an extensive video collection, I have been forced to slowly replace all my videos with their DVD counterparts. However, I am happy to do so, since DVD has numerous advantages over VHS tape, including:
  1. Digital media means no degradation. Ever.
  2. As a consumer that demands movies be released in widescreen format, nearly all DVDs come in their original aspect ratio. Anamorphic (or Enhanced for Widescreen) DVDs are even better! Just say "no!" to pan-and-scan. (That means you, Sheila!)
  3. I enjoy all the special features DVDs offer, such as director's commentary, behind the scenes features, isolated scores, etc. (Unfortunately, this means it can sometimes take over eight hours to watch everything contained on some DVDs)
I'm not a big fan of the "snapper" style DVD cases that certain movies are released in (e.g. The Matrix, The Road Warrior). There used to be a great web site out there called DVD Cover Art, that allowed you download high-resolution DVD cover images (some were scanned from the actual cases; others were custom covers created by altruistic PhotoShop artists). Sadly, they were shut down by Disney morons who felt having downloadable covers containing their precious Mickey Mouse and Company was a heinous copyright infringement. Idiots. Anyway, I would take these high quality images to any print shop (i.e. Kinko's), print them out on a nice laser printer, and slip them into a spare "keepsake" style DVD case.
My Current Collection of DVDs

I now use the incredible DVD Profiler utility to manage my DVD collection. Feel free to view my entire collection.