My Claim To "Fame"

Back in 1994, I submitted a crossword puzzle to T.V. Guide Magazine, in hopes that they would use it in one of their future issues. I used to solve them regularly, and wanted to give it a try myself. Creating puzzles for them is a bit tricky, since they have some strict guidelines regarding any puzzle submissions (i.e. the puzzle grid must be 13x13, and over 75% of the clues need to be television or film related). Finally, in 1995, I received word that my puzzle would be presented in their April 1-7 issue (puzzle #322). I was paid $100 for my effort (and I made sure that I snagged some extra copies of T.V. Guide that week!) They changed some of my clues (which they are allowed to do), but overall the puzzle remained the same. I have a printable puzzle if you care to give it a try, and I've included the solution as well. Here are some pics from that issue of T.V. Guide. Sadly, the magazine does not give credit to the author of a puzzle they publish (so you'll just have to take my word for it!)

Front Cover
My puzzle appeared in this issue

Actual Puzzle
This really is my puzzle, regardless of the issue date :)