Chubby and the Checkers

Back during my crazy high school days, our school had an annual talent show competition. Some of us guys decided to put together a "band" and perform a cover of that great Chubby Checker hit, "The Twist". We called ourselves Chubby and the Checkers, in part due to our somewhat portly lead "singer" Eddie Swiger. Highlights of our rendition included the two trombone players turning to face each other, each grabbing the other musician's slide, and proceeding to slide the other trombonist's part while blowing their own!! All while Chris Davenport waddled on his knees underneath playing his baritone horn!! Not to mention Yours Truly dressed up like a crazed Elton John clone, complete with glittered jacket, hat and glasses. Anyway, I would now pay big money for a video of that once-in-a-lifetime event, but alas, hand-held digital camcorders didn't exist back then. However, some kind soul snapped two pictures of me during the performance, so here they are.