Take This - end credits song from 'Praey'
End Credits for the movie "Praey"

Back near the end of 2004, my friend and former band mate Garner Schafert called me up and asked me if I would like to collaborate with him on a musical project. Seems he had been asked to write a song for "Praey", an upcoming indie horror flick written, directed, and starring Tiffany Sinclair. I was intrigued, so one evening Garner came over to my house and showed me some lyrics and guitar riffs he was thinking might be a good fit. Over the next month, we fleshed out the song and got it to the point where we were ready to record it. So on one rainy weekend, we all crammed into the basement studio of Garner's friend John, and laid down the instrumental track. The next day, we added the vocals. Two versions, actually. One with a female lead (sung by Angie Lazorony), and another with Garner singing the lead. This way, the movie director could choose which version best fit the tone of the film. [the female version was eventually chosen]. I also added an occasional backing harmony.

The song consists of Garner playing the underlying "evil riff" on his guitar. He also played the power chords that kick in shortly thereafter, as well as the more tranquil acoustic guitar heard during the bridge. The guitar solo that occurs during the middle and end of the song was performed by the late Terry Gleason, and the bass player was Rob Zastowski. John Davis pulled double duty as both the drummer and the soundman. All the keyboard stuff was performed by yours truly, which consisted of synth chords on the verses, ethereal pads and piano on the bridge, and an eerie choir during the middle guitar solo.

Tiffany loved the song when she heard it, and used it as the exit music being played as the final credits began to spool. If you would like to listen to or download the song in its entirety, you can do so below! Hope you enjoy it!!

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