Oasis: Thirst No More

Back in August of 2001, I had the pleasure of entering Omega Studios with the Covenant Praise Band to record a ten-track worship and praise CD. This my first experience with an actual recording studio, and it was very exciting and informative. Over a period of two weeks, we recorded and mixed ten songs. The result was the CD shown below, and I've included audio snippets (MP3's at 192bps) for all of the songs listed. There are still copies available for purchase ($10), so if you are interested in obtaining one, please contact me.

  1. Just As I Am
  2. My God Reigns
  3. Jesus, What A Beautiful Name
  4. Great Is the Lord Almighty
  5. Be Unto Your Name
  6. Knowing You
  7. Where Do I Go?
  8. Shout to the Lord
  9. The Potter's Hand
  10. Let It Rise

vocals   H. Del Morgan
vocals   Rachel Morgan
synthesizer, vocals   Kevin L. Suffecool
keyboards   Carol Frasier
drums   Ron Gray
acoustic guitar   Shirley Del Rosso
bass guitar   Mike Buckelew
percussion   Arvak Marshall