Neverwinter Nights

Here are some screenshots of the characters I played in the both the original Neverwinter Nights PC game, and its sequel Neverwinter Nights 2. My character in the first outing was an Elvish Druid named Mebrithiel Rydrilo. I am currently playing a Barbarian named Krag Doomgiver in our current game.

I play the game with two other guys - Andy and Kirby. Andy hosts the game on his home machine as a private server, so we are the only "real" players in the game (which is nice). We play every Wednesday night, but only if all three of us are available.


Meb, glowing for the camera. She is quite the hottie, yes?
Note how her way cool Red Dragon armor matches her green hair.

Meb and her kobold sidekick, Deekin. Deekin is a Bard, and
although he can sometimes be annoying, he packs a mean crossbow.

Meb having a word with Deekin on what to do next.

Hail, hail, the gang's all here! From left to right:

Deekin - Meb's kobold Bard sidekick
Drow Sorceress - an NPC that is barely visible behind my shoulder
Meb - ready for battle!
Far Fig Newton - Kirby's player character
Big Green Slaad - a summoned monster that fights for us
Tiny Dragon - Fig's diminutive familiar
Dunstan - Andy's player character, a dwarven Wizard/Monk
Tall dude with beard - an NPC who has given us a quest
Bad Dog - Dunstan's familiar (a Hell Hound)
Smokey - Meb's familiar (a large brown bear)

Group photo, take two! From left to right:

Krag Doomgiver - love the horned helmet!
Freddie Freak - Kirby's player character, a Bard
Giant Iron Golem - an automaton guarding this castle's entrance
Khelgar - an NPC dwarf, hiding between the golem's legs
asdfasdf - an NPC asdf
Baron Ruud Axehole - Andy's player character, who has just magically enlarged himself
Casivir - an NPC Paladin, who is presently indisposed