Purple Moose
Saturday, October 18, 2003

The gig from hell. The night we took the "Walk of Shame". However, it did have a somewhat happy ending. Read on...

We were initially excited to be playing at the Moose, because this was our first two-night back-to-back gig, and we hoped to get our name established in Ocean City (for future potential gigs next year). We were supposed to play on both Friday and Saturday night. We showed up Friday and started to unload our gear. We should have known things would turn out badly when the first words out of the mouth of the bar manager (henceforth referred to as 'Butterball') were "Please tell me this isn't the gear you plan to use tonight!" Apparently, she was concerned that we wouldn't be loud enough. When we informed her that we had used the same gear at an outside venue and they had asked us to turn down, she remained nonplussed.

Our regular soundman Ken Harvey was unable to be with us for this gig, so we set up the sound gear as best we could, and had Steve (a friend of Garner's) prepared to run the show for us. Steve was out of town, and would be flying into BWI at the last minute, and then hauling butt down to the venue in time for the show. At showtime, we were still having some tech problems, but we figured we'd play our first set, and then try to fix some of the humming and sound issues during the break. Steve did what he could after we wrapped up set one, but the gear was still acting finicky.

Well, we started our second set, and just as we started our second song Jesus Is Just Alright, the mains completely went out. No vocals. No keyboards. The only sound we were putting out was through the onstage guitar amps. Not good. We stopped the song, and starting playing some instrumental stuff while the experts took a look at the gear to find out what went wrong, and more importantly, if it was fixable. After two jam sessions, we concluded that the mains were both fried. There was no way we could continue that night. Heads hung low, we slinked off the stage. The D.J. started spinning some tunes for the rest of the night, and we were told we could play Saturday night only if we had new sound gear coming through the door by 6pm.

Saturday was spent racking up impressive cellphone minutes calling any and every sound and audio-related phone number we could find in the Yellow Pages. We were striking out bigtime, and it was looking like we would have to cancel. Around 3pm, three of us drove out to Salisbury to check out some of the local music stores, in hopes of finding a last minute solution to our problem. The clock was ticking, and by 5pm we still did not have anyone. Things looked bleak. We finally stopped at one last music store, and lo! wonder of wonders, an employee there made a phone call to a freelance sound guy he knew... and he was available! Not only that, he had an impressive array of sound equipment, and would give us a discount break in price to run our show! What a deal! Looks like we would be playing after all, which was good, since I had a few peeps who had driven all the way from Hagerstown to hear us play that night.

We quickly worked out the details, helped him unload the gear, set up quickly and did a soundcheck. With one hour to spare, we ate a quick dinner, and then took the stage at ten. The show went smoothly, and the patrons really enjoyed our music. However, Butterball thought otherwise, and afterwards informed us that we would not be returning to the Moose anytime soon. One of her comments was that we were not a classic rock band.

Thus ended our first (and probably last) time playing at the Moose.

Marquee Board       playing at the Purple Moose

singing 'Hole Hearted'       singing 'Hole Hearted' some more

Photos by Sheila Jones