The Miracle of LASIK

Photo of my sister and I after LASIK surgery
My sister and I, taken shortly after
she had her LASIK surgery

On February 2, 1998, I entered one of the Whitten Laser Eye centers in Rockville, Maryland with severe myopia (nearsightedness). My vision was -9.5 in my left eye, and -10.5 in my right. I had worn glasses and contacts since kindergarten.

Under the skilled hands of Dr. Mark Whitten, my eyes received the LASIK treatment, lasting about 90 seconds per eye. After being driven home and heading straight to bed, I awoke the next morning to an amazing eyesight of 20/40! Over the next week, it improved to perfect 20/20 vision, which I still have to this day. Since then, I've shared my wonderful LASIK success story with many friends and relatives, and five of them had also had the treatment based upon my recommendation, including my sister and several work mates.