The Shining


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This was one of the easier pics to Photoshop my head into, since it was framed on both sides by the broken door that Jack Nicholson had just hacked through. I held a piece of white cardboard against my face to simulate that I was actually pressing my face through a hole in an newly axed door. The hard part was trying to look insanely crazy. I thought I was looking psycho enough, but Jeff kept telling me to go even more over the top. When I finally dialed the crazy-meter up to eleven, we got the pic we eventually used. Looking at the before and after pics, I now wish I would have remembered to have that tiny wisp of hair coming down my forehead and over my eye.

In the pic below, you can see what our photoshoot looked like. I would sit in a chair with a white piece of foam board behind me. Then, Jeff would look at a printout of the original frame and try to position his lights to match the lighting as closely as possible. You can see one of the lights on a very high pole on the left side. The digital camera would normally be on the tripod seen on the right, but he removed it in order to take this behind-the-scenes photo. In retrospect, it probably would have made cropping out the various head shots easier if we had used a greenscreen or bluescreen. That's what the pros do.

Behind-the-Scenes while shooting The Shining

Yep, the last one's a keeper!