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This was a relatively easy shot to pose for. The hard part was finding some 70's style wire-framed glasses. Luckily, we found a pair of sunglasses at a 99 cent store on our way to Jeff's office (the location of the photoshoot). Now, we needed a cigarette. Jeff actually remembered that one of his employees smoked, so we snuck over to her desk to see if a spare pack was lying around. The good news was that we found one. The bad news was that it was the last one in the pack. We didn't feel good about swiping her last cig, so we improvised. First, a sheet of white paper measured and cut to the proper cigarette length. Said sheet was rolled to the proper cigarette diameter and then closed with clear scotch tape. Lastly, we found a magazine in a nearby trashcan that had an image with some red in it, so we cut that out, crumpled it up, and stuck it in the tip of our faux cigarette. Voila! Chief Brody's cigarette was complete. Now, back to the sunglasses. The tricky part turned out to be trying to remove the tinted lenses. They felt like they were literally glued onto the frames. I was really worried we were going to break them if we tried too hard, so we took a few shots with the lenses in, and then a couple more sans glasses. Once we were sure those shots worked, Jeff then attempted to remove the tinted lenses, and after some carefully applied pressure, lo! he succeeded! So we shot a final set of pics with the lenses removed, and that's what we wound up using for the calendar.

As I said, posing for this shot was fairly easy once we had both props. The tricky part was trying to reconstruct the shark as seen through my right eyeglass lens. In the original, Brody obviously has real lenses in his glasses, as you can tell from the glint and slight distortion. However, since our fake glasses didn't have lenses in them, and were at a slightly different angle than the originals, Jeff had to use some Photoshop fakery to construct the view through that lens. He also had to build some fake water for behind my ear.