Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


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We had some fun with this one. Since I knew this would be the first shot on the second day of shooting, I made sure I blow-dryed my hair straight down in order to give it that Austin Powers look. I also found a pair of Halloween "nerd" glasses at a party store. It was difficult to get the lens out, but Jeff was able to do it without breaking the frames. We didn't want the lenses distorting my eyes for the picture. We took quite a number of pics for this movie, because we weren't exactly what expression would work best. In the original movie frame, Austin has just noticed that Vanessa has caught him holding his "device", and he is about to grin and tell her "It's not mine, baby! Somebody's playing a prank on me!" However, that expression is sort of boring, so we did some where I look surprised, or embarassed, or shocked, or angry. You can see some of the rejected expressions below. In the end, we went with one that looked like Austin was actually quite proud of his pump, with just a hint of a grin.

Rejected heads

Rejected head expressions (not yet color-corrected or blended)