Boonsboro Senior High Class of 1982 Alumni

I put this page together in case anyone out there is trying to reach former alumni from the 1982 graduating class of Boonsboro Senior High.
If you know contact information for any alumni who are missing from this page, please contact me.

Boonsboro Class of 1982
25th Year Reunion Photo
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Class of 1982 25th Reunion Photo
(seated): Kevin Suffecool, Lynn (Hartzell) Bittle, Brenda (Jones) Smith, Teresa Butts, Lisa Proulx, Lori (Rudy) Bowers, Marty (Grimes) Amore, Lori (Shumaker) Smith, Gina Smith, Christy (Wilt) Poffenberger
(middle row): Doug Kaufmann, Joe Sheedy, Richard Thompson, Dave Bittle, Dave Long, Leslie ???, Patty (Brining) Stotler, Edwiena (Judy) Politte, Lisa (Wagner) Gudmundson, Lisa (Hyde) Brown, Deanna (Grim) Thomas, Deena (Mose) Long, Denesa Churchey, Charles Glausier, Keith Lowery, Chris Davenport, Bernie Burns
(back row): Ronald Stansbury, John Witmer, Scot Poffenberger, Shawn Collins, Gary Hayes, Richard Eichelberger, Robert Walsh, Ernest Reese, John Lowery, Tom Long, Andrew Grim

Boonsboro Class of 1982
20th Year Reunion Photo
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Class of 1982 20th Reunion Photo
(seated): Kevin Suffecool, Cindy Pike, Pam (McClellan) Weidner, Lori (Shumaker) Smith, Kendra (Poffenberger) Bussard, Gina Smith, Beverly (Langley) Kuhn, Betty (Langley) Robey, Laurie (Hoffman) Metz, Patty (Brining) Stotler, Diane (Warrenfeltz) Leisinger, Erika (Strube) Remsburg, Denesa Churchey
(middle row): Deuane Weaver, Dave Long, Cindy (Reeder) Zang, Holly (Rowland) Giles, Ruthie (Martz) McCauley, Teresa (Spessard) Snyder, Donna Thomas, Lisa Proulx, Della Kline, Bonnie (Butts) Burker, Dawn (Whipp) Lowery, Barbara Downin, Christy (Wilt) Poffenberger, Carol (Keesecker) Grim, Lisa (Hyde) Brown, Deena (Mose) Long, Darrell Smothers, Keith Lowery, John Lowery, Christina (Foster) Martin
(back row): Richard Thompson, Frankie Lum, Jeff Parsons, Mike Dick, Ernest Reese, Galen Clipp, Dean Tritapoe, Richard Eichelberger, Scot Poffenberger, Tom Webb, Terry Stouffer, Doug Kave, John Witmer, Doug Kaufmann, Toby Mendez, Tom Long

If any of the names listed above are incorrect, please let me know!

Kevin L. Suffecool Dave Long Cindy (Reeder) Zang Holly (Rowland) Giles Frankie Lum Jeff Parsons Doug Kave John Witmer Doug Kaufmann Toby Mendez Gina Smith Diane (Warrenfeltz) Leisinger Patty (Brining) Stotler Deena (Mose) Long Deuane Weaver Richard Thompson Cindy Pike Scot Poffenberger Tom Long Denesa Churchey Erika Strube Darrell Smothers Christie (Wilt) Poffenberger Barbara Downin Laurie (Hofmann) Metz Dawn (Whipp) Lowery Bonnie (Butts) Burker Dean Tritapoe Lisa Proulx Lori (Shumaker) Smith Kendra (Poffenberger) Buzzard Ruthie (Martz) McCauley Teresa (Spessard) Anders Mike Dick Galen Clipp Richard Eichelberger Donna Thomas Beverly (Langley) Kuhn Betty (Langley) Robey Carol (Keesecker) Grim Lisa (Hyde) Brown Keith Lowery John Lowery Pam (McClellan) Weidner Tom Webb Terry Stouffer Ernest Reese Della Kline Christina (Foster) Martin